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A programme of seminars has been implemented progressively in the schools of the Réseau Peinture. Seminars make up one of the essential formats that contribute to the analysis of contemporary issues in painting. Through the demands of a theme, through the number of participants, these are moments of intensity, exchange and the invention of a shared speech.

This section of the site allows for the centralising of information and general presentations of the seminars. Their restitution finds its place in the Publications.



viallat acc

Rencontres autour de l'exposition "Supports / Surfaces"
14 & 15 décembre 2017
Esban & Carré d'art, Nîmes

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pinard guillaume les conquetes de la surface acc

Colloque "La peinture sans titre"
Mardi 8 novembre 2016, 9h15-17h
EESAB site Rennes

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peinture aujourdhui_acc

Seminar "Painting today"
Thursday March 19th 2015
La Terrasse, Paris-Nanterre

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symposium acc
Mick Finch, engram 28, 60x40x5.5 cm, 2012, digital photo media and acrylic on wood

Symposium "Picture / Tableau / Screen"
6th November – 4th December 2012
Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury

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errance acc

Journée d'étude "Errances de la couleur"
Mardi 22 novembre 2016, 9h-17h30
ENSA Belleville

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arts sequana credit isabelle caplain acc

Symposium "Dé-Faire la peinture"
February 4th and 5th, 2016
ESADHaR, le Havre


Symposium Dé-Faire la peinture

February 4th and 5th, 2016


In parallel to the ART SEQUANA exhibitions, a seminar will be held on February 4th and 5th on the Harve campus of the ESADHaR. Through conferences, encounters and roundtable discussions, it proposes an exchange around painting, its materialities, both existing and new, its functionalities and the possibilities that it offers to the visual arts.

A proposition by Edouard Prulhiere who teaches painting at the Esadhar (the Havre site).
Scientific team: Maxence Alcalde, Professor of aesthetics and general culture, Danièle Gutmann, Professor of Art History

“Dé-faire la peinture” will take place around two main events at the Harve:
- A two-day seminar (February 4th and 5th, 2016)
- An exhibition in 3 places: The Gallery 65 of the ESADHaR, La Forme and Le Portique


• Participants

- Stéphanie Airaud (in charge of public and cultural action at the MAC VAL and Art historian)
- Maxence Alcalde (Art critic)
- Lionel Balouin (Director of the école municipale des Beaux arts of Genevilliers and the galerie Edouard Manet art centre)
- Antonia Birbaum (Philosopher)
- Romain Boulay (Artist)
- Axel Brun (Artist)
- Kevin Cadinot (Artist)
- Marie Cantos (Art critic and Curator)
- Julie Crenn (Art critic and Curator)
- Noël Dolla (Artist)
- Jean-François Leroy (Artist)
- Camille Paulhan (Art critic)
- Mallory Parriaux (Artist)
- Jérôme Robbe (Artist)
- Isabelle Tessier (Director of the artothèque of Vitré)

• Schedule

Thursday, February 4th, 10:30 a.m.: Isabelle Tessier
11:30 a.m.: Maxence Alcalde
2 p.m.: Antonia Birbaum
2:45 p.m.: Noël Dolla and Stephanie Airaud / Discussion
4 p.m.: Lionel Balouin, Jérôme Robbe and Jean-Francois Leroy / Round Table
5:30 p.m.: Vernissage The Gallery 65 of the ESADHaR
7 p.m.: Vernissage La Forme

Friday February 5th, 10:30a.m.: Marie Cantos
11:30a.m.: Julie Crenn and Romain Boulay / Discussion
2p.m.: Camille Paulhan
3p.m.: Kevin Cadinot, Axel Brun and Mallory Parriaux
6:30p.m.: Vernissage Le Portique



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colloque diao

Seminar"Peinture et document: David Diao"
March 27th-28th-29th, 2014
Strasbourg, Museum of contemporary and modern art, and Aubette 1928

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comble art_2
Paul van der Eerden,untitled, graphite,29.7x21cm,2011 Galerie B. Jordan

Seminar "The Height of art"
March 13 -14th, 2012
ESAD Grenoble Valence

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